Sunday, November 23, 2008


A couple of years ago I got rid of my electric blanket as it had seen better days. Now in comparison to other parts of the U.S. or world where I live it doesn’t get really cold, especially for long periods of time. I’m not saying we don’t have cold weather as some nights in January/February can be in the mid to high teens; it’s just not as extreme as others have it.

I tend to be a frugal person when it comes to cooling/heating my house. One, I don’t care to pay high gas/electric bills. Two, my blood has thinned out since moving to Arizona and in the summers my thermostat is usually set around 78/79 degrees. When I’m cleaning or if it’s really hot outside I turn it down a bit but usually not much. I do have ceiling fans in each room in the house and starting in May through October they are on constantly. They cost a very little to run and circulate the air very effectively.

In the winter time I don’t keep it as warm as I’d like but I tend to wear sweaters and socks to keep everything warm. I’ll have the heater come on in the morning to warm up the house and in the evening when needed.

Now let me state that my house is only 1,300 square feet so it doesn’t take much to heat/cool my house. There are vents in every room in the house so it doesn’t take much time.

Last winter without an electric blanket it made my initial entry into bed at night a bit chilly for the first few minutes until my bed warmed up. You see being single there is no body heat on the other side of the bed to help with this problem. I wear warm PJs, socks and have flannel sheets but it still can be a bit nippy.

My mom had mentioned that she had bought a heated mattress pad that goes on top of the mattress under the bottom sheet. That made more sense to keep the heat closer to your body. After searching the internet and several stores I found what I needed at one of my favorite stores, Costco.

This is a lovely addition to my winter bedding setup. I turn it on about 30 minutes before I’m ready for bed and it’s all nice and toasty when it’s bed time.

I hope everyone out there in blog sphere has someone or something to keeps their toes warm.

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