Sunday, November 16, 2008


No, this isn’t turning into a cat blog, lord knows that my cat will only provide me with so many good photos and this I feel is one of them. If her angelic face makes you think she purrs loudly as Patches in the previous post, lets you pet and show her affection when she comes up to you, well think again.

She will easily bite the hand that feeds her and when petting her you can get in 2 maybe 3 strokes before she attempts and usually succeeds a quick bite.

She’s still loved but she is getting cranky in her old age… 13 years old (people years).


Diana said...

She's just beautiful. I love the photo!!

Iceteaforme said...

Thanks Diana, she looks way too innocent in this photo because she isn't.

Your Max is sure a sweetie, I would love to get a dog but I travel just enough to make this a challenge.