Saturday, November 15, 2008

au revoir patches

In October my sister and niece’s cat that they’ve had for many many years went to be in kitty heaven. She was the sweetest cat, always loving and cuddling up to you. I have never heard a cat purr as loud as Patches did. You could say she was the polar opposite of my cat Oreo.

Good-bye Patches you will be missed.


Diane said...

Sorry to hear about Patches passing on. It's always sad to lose a pet.

Our kitty Tigrotta looks almost identical. She's about six months old and we hope she has a long healthy life too. Can't say she's all sweetness (she likes to nibble on our hands while we type!) but she's a loud purrer too.

Ice Tea For Me said...

Thanks Diane for your kind words.

I'm sure Tigrotta will have a long happy life. You'll need to post a pjoto of her on your blog some day.