Friday, November 28, 2008

may i introduce to you...

As I mentioned in a previous post I’ve been on a quest to buy a Kitchenaid Tilt Head Stand Mixer in Onyx Black. I have been paying attention to the prices and waiting for the after Thanksgiving sales.

Here it is, black beauty. Isn’t it pretty? I hope to be able to show you pictures of some delicious foods I’ve made.


Diana said...

Yes, it's pretty and the most practical thing one can have in the kitchen. Love my Kitchen Aid! Enjoy yours!!

Ice Tea For Me said...

Thanks Diana, I'm sure this will a long lasting partnership in the kitchen.

Diane said...

My kitchen Aid died on the boat trip from NY to Italy. I got it fixed...sort now it works in one speed only--Fast!

Have you seen the prices of new ones in Italy? Around 480-780 Euros!! I got mine on sale in the States for under $300 several years ago. I'm going to order parts and hope it can be fully repaired.

Will yours work in Italy? I've seen several appliances on Amazon UK that I wanted...but they won't ship them to Italy. If it will work, I'll consider buying one when I vacation in the UK later this year.

Enjoy's a beaut!