Saturday, November 29, 2008

how they got here

I’ve seen other bloggers list the Google searches that people did that landed them on the Ice Tea For Me blog. Since my blog isn’t getting slammed with hits there hasn’t been any but it must be a busy internet search time as I’ve had a few. Let me share.

~giveaway – costume – grosgrain - cd – dvd – book – obama – wrath – nimli – ticket – Epson – kai – stroller – build a bear – bootcamp – seventeen – ebooks – tax – apron -- wow, I’m not sure this person knew what they were searching for, don’t they know the less you put in the search the more success you have.

~cambria Nottingham with white cabinets -- they may have found how I like my cambria countertops but not white cabinets; I’m more into the warmer colors.

~amaretto from Burano italy -- I’ve talked about amaretto and Burano, Italy but not in the same post. I wonder why they’d be searching for amaretto in Burano, you can get amaretto anywhere.

~arizona ice tea sweaters -- not sure why anyone would want a sweater that has Arizona ice tea on it but I’ve seen weirder things.

I’m sure all those people who clicked on my blog didn’t find what they were looking for. Oh well, better search next time.

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