Tuesday, November 18, 2008

fall in the southwest

The leaves have started turning golden colors and falling in scattered patterns on the ground. You imagine father’s raking up the leaves and the kids running and jumping into the piles with squeals of laughter. The air is crisp and the smell of log fires fills the air. The cold air nips at your ears and your nose. Fall is a magical time of year, holidays with family and friends and the promise of winter to come with the hopes that it will snow so a snowman can be made.

As nice as that sounds here in the sunny southwest fall is a little different. We have the leaves turning golden and falling to the ground in scattered patterns but that’s about where it stops here in the valley of the sun.

Just this morning before work I sat in my living room watching the news and enjoying some tea. The front and back doors were open letting in the fresh air. You can smell just a hint of smoke from someone’s fireplace somewhere in the distance, I guess some people find the low 60 degree temperature cold but to me it isn’t.

I’m still in shorts, ceiling fans whirling, and wearing sandals. Now I in no means like to be cold in fact I get pretty cranky when I am but I too enjoy fresh air and will take every opportunity to sit outside. I do know my days are numbered as even in the sunny southwest we do get cold weather. Where the daytime high temperatures reach the 40s/50s and the lows can be in the teens. It still is dry as we don’t get that much moisture so even when it’s cold the days are beautiful.

It’s hard to get in the mood for the holidays and to think it is Fall as today our temperature broke a record. Our high today was 88 degrees. November 18th and it’s 88 degrees. I’m not complaining but with this type of weather it’s hard to get into the holiday spirit.

I had a girlfriend just tell me yesterday that she is done with her Christmas shopping. Christmas? I haven’t even thought about it, haven’t even started. So, I’ll just pour myself another glass of ice tea and go sit out on my deck and enjoy the wonderful weather we are having and watch my garden grow until it’s time to pull out my leather gloved and scarves from Florence.

WE do suffer through the summer with 115+ temperatures but we are rewarded with the wonderful mild temperatures from November through April.

Happy Fall everyone.

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