Friday, November 7, 2008


Yesterday I had a conference call meeting to review a new tool that I needed to pull reports from. So we both could view my desktop we used NetMeeting and started the meeting. I had several Internet Explorer screens open which is pretty normal and I was flipping from one to another. I inadvertently stopped on one IE screen that had a Google map of Italy up. I made a flip comment about Italy not being the correct screen we needed to view. This person then said, Oh, I’m going on vacation next year in Italy.

As many of my friends know that was all I needed to delve into a conversation of Italy. It really doesn’t take much to do but I typically don’t do this in a random meeting with someone I don’t know. I of course asked the when, where, and for how long questions. I told her how much she was going to enjoy her trip, gave her some tips on certain places and let her know that if she wanted some recommendations to zip me an email. I forced myself to get back to the meeting at hand.

I’m always amused at what will pull my attention to Italy and keep my mind there even during a day at work. It could be the hallway question from a co-worker asking when my next trip to Italy is (2009 thank you very much). An email from Italian Notebook,, or ciao Italia. Or someone comments about the picture on my desktop of Burano, Italy. It just doesn’t take much, and it shouldn’t as Italy is a beautiful magical country where the people, history, countryside, food, and shopping will put a spell on you. If you doubt me then go to Italy and come back and tell me it isn’t. I dare you.

Since I’m in a reminiscent mood I thought I’d share some photos of my last trip to Italy in May 2007. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year and a half when it seems just like yesterday.



municipal building

can't you just smell the jasmine?

look at the fresh wonderful vegetables


the valley below Cortona

a window with view


now that's fresh mozzerella

the stairs


my waiter

beef tips in a chianti reduction

outside dining


an temporary statue

a corner blessing

a building

ponte vecchio

santa maria novella church courtyard

proscuitto at Il Latini

good luck chinghale

Tuscany Countryside
a villa
a very small chapel

lovely jasmine

a backyard

Hope you enuoyed my walk through memory lane.

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