Saturday, November 8, 2008

love the shark

Do you love the shark? Not the great white that lives in the ocean or golfer Greg Norman. What I’m talking about is The Shark Vacuum. I LOVE it!

A year ago I put tile in my entire house except the bedrooms. With that much surface to be dusting and mopping I needed to find a way to clean it the most effective way and in a timely manner.

Let me just say that I’ve bought 6 different dust and wet mops until I over heard someone raving about The Shark when in a store one day. That convinced me enough to go and buy one.

I’m not getting paid for promoting this item but I wanted to show you the solution I found to wet mopping my tile. No more buckets of water. I still need to vacuum and run my swifter first but the shark gives a good steam cleaning.

Do you have a favorite cleaning product? If so, please share.

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