Friday, November 14, 2008

bigger and better

This evening the temperature was very pleasant out and I had the doors open. Halfway through the show Ghost Whisperer there was a knock on my screen door. A group of teenagers were on a type of scavenger hunt called ‘bigger or better’.

I was a little confused as the last time I was on a scavenger hunt was decades ago and I had never heard of ‘bigger or better’. The object of the game is that they go to houses and ask if the person would give them a ‘bigger or better’ item than what they currently had. If you can help them out you give them your item and you keep the other item.

I have a ton of crap in my garage that I’ve been meaning to clean out so I can park my car in the garage again so I knew I had to have something. The item that I needed to replace with a ‘bigger or better’ item was a purple lava lamp. A purple lave lamp that was roughly 15” in height.

As excited as I should be to be receiving a purple lava lamp which was part of my era I saw it going out in the garage with all the other stuff. So, off I went into my garage and quickly looked for something to swap with the kids.

You would think that this would be a quick decision, grab something off the top that qualified as ‘bigger or better’ and be done with it. Oh no, I looked over my piles of crap as if there were fortunes to be made in it and actually put thought into what to give them. Geez Linda, just let it go!!!

So, I ended up giving them a 12” antique looking clock. It wasn’t ‘bigger’ but in my opinion it was ‘better’ and the kids thought it was great and left leaving me with a purple lava lamp.

I went back to watching my program on TV and then there was another knock on my door. It was another group of kids doing the ‘bigger or better’ swap. This time I had no hesitation on to what I would give them. I went and grabbed the purple lava lamp off the kitchen table and traded that for a weathered forest green plastic Adirondack chair.

This was too funny as just 3 weeks ago I took a chair exactly like that to the dump. My chair had a broken slat on it so I checked this new chair to see if it was broken in the same place. It wasn’t so I knew I wasn’t getting back a scavenged broken plastic deck chair from the dump. Not sure if this is a useable item as it’s sitting on my front lawn, I’ll check it out tomorrow during the day to see if this will go to the dump too.

Neighborhood kids with lamp & chair

I asked the kids if I could take their picture and also asked their permission to post on my blog. They thought it was cool and happily agreed. How fun is that. I so enjoy seeing young people having good clean fun.

Check out the purple lava lamp, maybe I should have kept it and put it in my office...

Have you been on a scavenger hunt? What was the strangest item you had to find?

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