Wednesday, July 23, 2008

what’s cooking wednesday – chili con carne and cream cheese dip

There isn’t much cooking with this appetizer other than nuking it in the microwave for a couple of minutes but it sure is quick, easy, and finger lickin’ good. This dip seems to always show up at a super bowl party or bunko night and there’s never any left. The most strenuous task is getting out the can opener and opening up one can of chili con carne. Difficult huh?

Chili Con Carne and Cream Cheese Dip
1 can of Chili Con Carne without beans (regular or spicy)
8 oz. Cream Cheese
Tortilla Chips or Frito Corn Chip Scoops

Open can of chili and put in microwaveable container. Cut cream cheese into pieces and add to chili. Microwave for one minute. Stir. Microwave another minute, stir. Heat up until cream cheese and chili are combined.

Put into a bowl, bring out the chips and enjoy.

Buon Appetito

There are several variations to this recipe. I’ve seen Velveeta cheese used in place of cream cheese. It’s all good because it’s not good for you, isn’t that how it works?

Do have another way you make this dip?

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Tammie said...

Hi Sis. Though I'm sure your version is yummy, my favorite way is instead of using cream cheese I use one 15-oz jar of cheese dip (it's found in the chip section of the store). The one I currently have on hand is Mission brand Salsa Con Queso (medium heat), but I've seen and used the other brands with great results. It adds a little heat to the dip, which is a wonderful thing (in my opinion). Tam ;-)

Ice Tea For Me said...

Tammie, I agree you can't go wrong with any version of this dip unless someone is watching their weight. This is in no way low calorie.