Thursday, July 24, 2008

pienza, italy

I’ve having a blogging block and can’t seem to think of anything to write about nor seem to find the time to post. Since the old saying ‘Pictures say a thousand words’ I’m going to take that to heart and post pictures. I’m a visual person anyways and have always enjoyed looking at the pictures in magazines instead of reading the articles.

Pienza is a flat (unusual for Italian hill towns) easy to walk and has a quaint feel. Many small shops to poke your noise into, some delicious places to eat at, along with the proverbial church or two. The outer walk way gives you great views to snap photos of the beautiful Tuscan valley.

If you love pecorino cheese then Pienza is a must visit on your next trip to Italy. It literally smells of pecorino as you walk down the cobblestone streets, it could be overwhelming if you didn’t know the succulent savory delight that was awaiting you at any of the many cheese stores. Walking around town and sampling all the many types of pecorino with a bit of wine is my kind of fun.

My parents and I really enjoyed Pienza and we had a very enjoyable picnic in a small park at the edge of town. We dined on a lovely park bench under a huge shade tree with some boar salami, pecorino cheese with truffles, pecorino cheese with jalapeño pepper, and a bottle of wine. Relaxing, yummy, and very reasonably priced.

So without further adieu here are some pictures of Pienza, Italy.


Rowena said...

Yay! Sometimes a picture also evokes wonderful memories for someone me. Pienza is picture perfect. The images had me saying out loud, "Woo! I've been there!" We were in town for the annual cheese-rolling contest. So, so much fun, I hope we can attend this event again.

Ice Tea For Me said...

I'm glad my pics brought back wonderful memories, they did for me.

Pienza definately is on my list to go back and spend more time wandering around.


My Mélange said...

Well, I have never been to Pienze, but from your photos is looks beautiful. I'd love to visit sometime!

Ice Tea For Me said...

My Melange - you'll need to add Pienza to your list of places to visit. You won't regret it.