Friday, July 18, 2008

teen no more

here is a young lady in our family and today is her special day. I’m sad that I can’t spend it with her but there is a thousand miles that separates us. This young lady is my niece Ms. Jenn and today she no longer is a teenager, it’s the BIG 2-0 for her. I can barely remember when I turned 20; that was just a couple of years ago. Ok, maybe more than a couple of years but whose counting besides my sister Tam?

Our Miss Jenn is a smart, beautiful, and intelligent young lady who has the thickest brunette locks that I am insanely jealous over. Why oh why can’t I have some of that?

Jenn I wish you the best day ever. You’re near and dear to my heart and I love you bunches. Happy 20th Birthday!!

Buon Compleanno!

PS. When are you going to come live with Aunt Linda??

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