Thursday, July 17, 2008

making a difference

If you’ve visited Positano, Italy you won’t quickly forget the beauty of this town that clings to the mountainside by its finger tips. There are amazing picturesque views for that perfect photo. I’ve not had the pleasure of visiting Positano during my visits to Italy but I’ve read enough and seen many pictures to know what a beautiful place it is.

Nikki over at The Life I Chose writes about Positano and her life in Positano, you should check it out. In her July 14th blog entry she mentions some cement damns they are proposing to build through the valley tearing down all the trees, woodland, plant life and ancient pathways, and destroying many species of rare ferns, flora and creatures. You can read about it here.

She is asking for those who love Positano to stop by her blog and sign a petition to stop the damns from being built. If you have a minute please zip over to Nikki's blog and help out.

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