Wednesday, June 11, 2008

what’s cooking wednesday – light and tasty salad

Now that the hot weather has arrived and decided to stick around for 4 months it’s time to prepare the dishes that don’t require turning on the oven. This salad is my creation but I’m sure some of you have made this too. But for today lets pretend that you haven’t and it’s a Linda original. :o) This takes little time and has lots of flavor. I use this to accompany a meal or sit and eat a big bowl as dinner. My sister has started making this a lot and even my niece, Miss Jenn in all her picky ways likes it. There’s hope for you yet Jenn.

Light & Tasty Salad
Spring Mix Lettuce
Garlic – 1 clove crushed
Extra Virgin Olive Oil ~4 Tbs.
Fresh Lemon Juice ~2 Tbs.
Pecorino Cheese – grated
Kosher Salt
Fresh Ground Pepper

In a bowl squeeze the juice of 1/2 of a lemon (remove pits if any), add crushed garlic, and salt & pepper. Drizzle olive oil into lemon as you whisk so it is emulsified. Taste it to see if it’s too lemony for you. If it is, add more olive oil. Once you have the taste to your liking add just a little finely grated pecorino romano chesse to give it a little creamy texture. Add lettuce as you toss making sure you coat it all. Add some pecorino romano cheese to the salad (about 6 passes on a fine grader) toss to mix. Add a little more cheese on top if needed and serve.

Buon Appetito


Brenda Kula said...

Sounds so tasty! And so nice for a hot summer day!

Jilli said...

Not turning on the oven is definitely my plan... I will have to try this! The heat has not started yet here in Sicily, but it is just around the corner...

Ice Tea For Me said...

Brenda/Jilli - yes, this is a nice and refreshing salad for the summer. Enjoy.