Wednesday, May 21, 2008

what’s cooking wednesday – fettuccini with caramelized bacon and onions

You know when you’ve had one of those days that you’re exhausted and just thinking about having to cook dinner makes you think about skipping it altogether and just grabbing the ice cream out of the freezer. I know that’s not nutritious but comfort food usually isn’t.

Well, this was one of those days and so I opened the frig and all I saw was a little piece of cooked ham. I always have onions in the veggie bin so dinner was decided. You can substitute the cooked ham for prosciutto, bacon, pancetta, or any other favorite yummy pork product. Because I didn’t have much ham I cut it in thin strips, this also helped it caramelize quickly. I recommend you cut the onions the same size so they cook evenly.

Fettuccini with Caramelized Bacon and Onions
~olive oil

Put the pasta water on to boil and put past in before starting the sauce, it’s that quick. In sauté pan put a little olive oil and once heated add the ham and onion. Once caramelized add peperoncino and garlic not letting it burn. I add a little more olive oil so it’s not dry. I add some of the pasta water to make a little sauce and then add pasta. Top with some parsley and grated pecorino romano cheese.

Hope you enjoy this plate of comfort as much as I did.

Buon Appetito


Diane said...

Ciao Linda,

First, thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words regarding my mother-in-laws' passing. Yes, I am glad my son got to really know and be able to communicate with his dear nonna.

Second, this looks delicious, and easy! I will try it soon as EVERYDAY we have pasta for lunch--just varying the shape and the sauce. That's how it's done in Italy and my son and husband wouldn't have it any other way! (OK, I might be addicted too, but I try and control my portion size. Try.)


rowena said...

I had a few of those days just last week! And it was the same deal, with of course pancetta being the piece of ham in my fridge. Usually, there are more vegs than anything else, so atleast I'm getting my daily intake. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the new pup. If you do stop by in the middle of the week, I should give you fair warning though...your comment on my "gutzy" style of eating will be put to the limits with calf brains. Just thought I'd let you know firsthand!

Ice Tea For Me said...

Diane - Thank you for stopping by. Boy, I would be in heaven if I could have pasta every day. If I was in Italy where I would be doing way more walking then I do now I would be able to justify the extra carbs!! I put a link to your site on my blog.

Rowena - Thanks for stopping by,good luck with Mr. Bentley and your culinary challanges. I put a link to your site on my blog.