Tuesday, May 20, 2008

a tropical tea

Last weekend the Women’s Ministry had a Tropical Tea at church. Each table has a hostess who decorates their own tables. This is always fun as each table is so uniquely and beautifully decorated. It was a wonderful day of fellowship with women, a yummy lunch, hula dancers, and a speaker. My son’s girlfriend ‘R’ was able to join me at my table along with other dear friends.

For lunch we enjoyed roasted pork tenderloin on mini sea-salt and thyme rolls, chicken and pineapple kabobs, water chestnuts wrapped in bacon, tropical fruit salad, fresh baked banana bread, and for dessert assorted sweet petites w/tropical accents.

Here is the table that I decorated.

Afterwards, ‘R’ and I went to the movies and saw Made of Honor. It was a cute movie. A predicable Chick Flick but enjoyable none the less.

My girlfriends and I have a Girl’s Night Out planned so we can see the movie, Sex in the City. We’ve all seen all the episodes and had discussions each week about the show. We are looking forward to the movie which will be released on May 30th.

The weather jumped from high 90s this past week to 110º. Yes, I know I live in Arizona and it gets hot, no I mean HOT but it’d be nice if we can ease into it a little instead of taking the big plunge. There’s no turning back now. We’ll be hot until late September, early October so you can understand why we hope he hot weather stays away for as long as possible. Now if you want to be outside it has to be really early or late in the day and even at that the temperatures are still in the high 90s. In a month or so pools will be the same temperature as bath water, people actually put blocks of ice in their pool to cool it off. When we have a breeze it’s like someone pointing a hair dryer at you, no really it is. But, there is one good thing about the heat in Arizona, it is a dry heat. And when I say dry, it’s dry. Yes, you have to drink a lot of water and use a lot of lotion but I’d rather have that then humidity. I lived in North Carolina for a while and that’s humid. I got used to it but I’d rather take the dry. We do have a monsoon season around July/August which can bring rain that cools us off but it has other challenges too. Enough complaining about the weather, I’m sure you’re tired of reading about it.

Hope you’re staying cool out there in your part of the world.


Anonymous said...

I know I am a bit late commenting but wanted to let you know that you table decorations were beautiful, but I am not surprised because you always have magnificant ideas. Am I prejudiced?? That's what a mom is.

Ice Tea For Me said...

Thanks Mom for the kind words, yes you are prejudice but who cares.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.