Saturday, September 22, 2012

pinnochio festival

Sat., September 22nd

Woke up at 3:30am (darn ole jetlag) and read my kindle until 7:30am.  The sun was up but I knew I needed to get more sleep, 4 hours wasn't enough.  I did manage to sleep until 11am which made for a late start of the day but hoping the added sleep will get my internal clock back in order.

So far I've only found one thing that I forgot to bring with me, my hair gel.  Pretty important part of the hair process (right ladies) but since I had a haircut right before I left my hair is short enough to go without.  My mom will bring it with her when she arrives next week.

Since I missed breakfast I started my day with pranzo (lunch). Ate at La Lira, salad with apple and bruscola, pasta alla carbonara, and water (total €11.50).  Was good but the eggs in the carbonara were scrambled, I've never seen that before, was good though.  The waitress asked if I didn't like it as I didn't eat it all, frankly I ordered too much food.

This weekend is a festival celebrating Pinnochio who turned into a donkey in Bagni di Lucca.  He was created/born in a town just up the road.  They closed the main street and had a little parade, tables with things to buy, and food to try.  The event is for the kids but there are a lot of adults dressed up too.  They aren't all dressed up in Pinnochio garb as I saw a superman and a lot of princesses around.   Very festive.

Stopped by the TI (tourist information) to inquire about bus schedules, spas in the area, and using the internet.  Weather is nice, overcast but still pleasant.

Will try and meet up with Debra who I met through her blog, maybe hae a caffe.  Hopefully it won't be too difficult since I won't have internet.

Got back to apartment around 7pm and was still full from pranzo and didn't feel like walking back into town.  So I put on my jammies, read my kindle, and had popcorn for dinner.  Not very exciting but my cheapest meal yet, €0.99.

Walked 6,477 steps = 3.26 miles.

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