Tuesday, August 4, 2009

it happened

Several weeks’ back Michelle @ Bleeding Espresso had a contest to win a new guidebook that was coming out of the region she lives in Italy, Calabria called Traveler’s Calabria.

I’ve not made it that far South to Calabria in my trips to Italy but someday I will get there and finally meet Michelle and hopefully Cherrye @ My Bella Vita.

It’s always fun entering contests as you just never know, you may win. What entering into contests on blogs has done for me is take me to a variety of blog sites that I may never have found through my normal blog reads. Michelle’s always good at either having contests on her site or putting links in her blog to other bloggers that are having them. You rock Michelle!!

I’m happy to announce that I received an email from Michelle letting me know I was one of the lucky 5 people to win a Travelers Calabria guidebook. Yahoo!! Can’t wait for it to arrive and read about Calabria.

Thanks Michelle!!


On another note, I know I’ve been absent for too long and I promise I will be posting about my Italy trip really soon. Need to capture those memories before I forget. I appreciate you not giving up and coming back to check my blog from time to time.


Cherrye at My Bella Vita said...

Yea! Congratulations on winning a book. I hope you get to visit us here in Calabria and use your book really soon!

Ice Tea For Me said...

Thanks Cherrye. Someday we'll meet and I can stay at your lovely B&B ~ Il Cedro B&B.