Monday, November 3, 2008

exercise your right

Several blogs I read regularly have written about the upcoming election, giving their political view and opinions. Not that I necessarily agree with them but it’s their blog and they can write about anything they choose, it’s my choice to come back or not.

I’ve not gone out and searched for political websites to read as I’ve gotten enough on TV, Radio, Telemarketers, Mail, Signs all over town, and through personal conversation. I’ve personally chosen not to write on my blog about the election but I would really liked to have seen more of a comparison of the two candidates on all the issues that wasn’t biased or one sided. The truth about each candidate’s strategy on health care, economy, border security, etc.; side-by-side that an individual can look at and make an informed decision. All I want to see is 'Just the Facts Jack'. Maybe it’s out there and I’ve missed it with all the mud slinging.

Well, if I haven’t posted on the Presidential election before why now? In my opinion the most important part of this election is that people get out and vote. No matter what side of the isle you are on it’s critical to go and vote. Men and women have fought for us as American’s to have this freedom and we need to make sure we exercise our right.

So tomorrow make sure you make it a priority above everything and get out and GO VOTE!!

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