Thursday, September 25, 2008

home remodel - part 4

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After I decided to take the big plunge and do a lot more remodeling then just my guest bathroom, it didn’t take me long to get the ball rolling. As you will recall the last decision I make was to pipe in gas into my kitchen and go with an oven wall unit. Here is what else I was to be doing:

~To make room for the oven/microwave oven wall unit I would need to demolish my pantry. I hated losing the space but necessary if I wanted the combo microwave/oven unit.

~I was going to have the track lighting replaced with cans and have accent lighting added. Electrical outlets added, capped, or moved. Several dimmer switches added within the kitchen and house, gives you the ability to create a ‘mood’.

~Paint the entire inside of the house along with faux painting the kitchen.

~Replace all the baseboards in the entire house due to they weren’t installed very well originally.

~New faucets in kitchen and bathrooms and a big splurge of putting in a pot filler in the wall behind the stovetop. Love it! I hadn’t originally planned that but when my handyman was setting up the electrical, etc. for the cooktop/oven unit he said it wouldn’t cost much more to do this. It didn’t cost much for the plumbing to be installed but have you even priced pot filler hardware? Wow, talk about expensive, but well worth it. I only had 6 hours to look, choose, and purchase the hardware, given more time this is something that would be well worth purchasing over the internet. You get more choices and better pricing.

The Pot Filler
~Engineered stone countertops with an angled edge, no bull nose, angle, bull nose…. Bull Nose Edge – final answer. Cambria Nottingham engineered stone for kitchen and bathrooms and hutch. Black granite composite under mount sink in the kitchen. White porcelain under mount bowl sinks in bathrooms.

Countertop & Cabinet Samples

~Appliances – GE Profile 5-burner gas cooktop; Kitchen Aid Microwave/Convection Oven Wall Unit; Kenmore refrigerator, french doors with water and ice dispenser and a bottom drawer freezer with tilt out door; GE Titan dishwasher (only appliance I already had).

GE Profile Cooktop

~Furniture – of course you can’t redo your home without getting furniture to match. That country blue and white couch would just not do nor would the recliners. My timing on my home remodel was around Thanksgiving time and they were many sales going on. I purchased a couch, loveseat, end table, and a leather coffee table/ottoman for the living room. A small rectangular table with lamp for the entryway and a countertop height dining room table with six chairs.

Of course there were many little decisions and expenditures to be made like handles and knobs for the cabinets. I found the ones I wanted on the internet, don’t you just love the internet. They were 50% less then what I was finding retail and that adds up to a lot of savings when you’re talking a total of 80 knobs and handles.

Photo - A&H Turf & Specialties, Inc.

Side Note: I can not tell you the difference adding handles and knobs to the cabinets made. Honestly the new cabinets were gorgeous before adding them but they popped afterwards. If you have a kitchen and you want to make a change go the inexpensive route and add or change your door hardware, you won’t be disappointed.

Let the changes begin.


Diana said...

I don't comment as often as I should, but I am following your home improvement adventures, as it is a subject SO near and dear to my heart. I love the hardware. Hardware makes a huge difference, and can end of saving you money because you can really give an old piece new life with the right stuff. Keep us posted!!

IceTeaForMe said...

Diana I couldn't agree with you more. I love to read about all the work you've done at Baur B&B and see the before/after photos. It's inspiring.