Tuesday, September 30, 2008

a belated post

Don’t you hate it when you put something off until the last minute; I believe that would be called procrastination; and when you do get around to the task something out of your control throws a brick wall in front of you. Aargh how frustrating.

You see yesterday was my oldest sister’s birthday. I waited until I came home from work to post Birthday Wishes to her on my blog and BAM! that wireless wicked worm hit me. I could not get a internet connection. I had a signal, I unhooked and reconnected my router and modem, and then called my lovely DSL provider. Yep, there was no problem with my connection, they could see my PC loud and clear. Not sure why I couldn’t get internet connection but since this is also my work laptop they didn’t want to start messing around and muck something up. I agreed with them and said my good nights.

So my dear sister my apologies for these birthday wishes being a day late. Your birthday present is going to be more than a day late but that isn't a surprise to you or anyone else in the family.

I heard you had a great surprise bbq at your house in the hills and I’m sorry I could not be there to share your day with you. I’ve also been told that no pictures were taken. A birthday party without pictures, what’s up with that?? I really wanted to see all the work that you’ve done to your place too.

Readers you see my dear sister is 9 years older then me and just when I was getting old enough not to be a nuisance she moved out on her own and became a full time tax paying citizen. I remember a day that I spent with her and a friend as they went to garage sales, she was probably stuck babysitting me. She has always loved to go to garage sales and still does to this day. I on the other hand have little patience for that.

You see even though they were going to garage sales they had to be only 19 or 20 years old and boys were still a big part of their lives. My sister had a VW bug, cute car to zip around in and to also hide your little sister in. Do you remember the skinny compartment that was behind the back seats in the VW bug? Well, that’s where I was confined to when a cute boy would drive by. I’d get the “hurry, get in the back, quick!” before some cute boy could see me. Since I was small this wasn’t a big deal and I don’t remember being in that little space much but it is a fond memory. I’m sure she had to buy me a frosty or something to cooperate. Small price to pay don’t you think? I wonder if we ever told our parents. Hmmm, well after 37+ years the cats out of the bag.

Well sis, here is to many many more wonderful birthdays but in case you may be forgetting a thing or two in your advancing years, I’m still your baby sister. hehe.



BGE said...

Awwwwww, how lovely!
Lucky you and lucky sister...sounds like a very loving relationship to me!
Thanks for writing about this for us,

Ice Tea For Me said...

Hi Brenda, thanks for your comment. I have two great sisters, I'm very blessed.