Friday, August 8, 2008

let the game's begin...

I'm slacking in posting lately and I've even been playing hooky at work too. You know there are times you just have to stop and go do some other activities. Stop and smell the roses, as the ole proverb goes.

Wednesday my wonderful son took me to a D-Backs baseball game. It was a day game so I left work at 12:00, put on my D-backs shirt and we met up at Chase Field ballpark. We had a lovely day watching baseball, eating hotdogs, and chatting. With his busy work schedule we just don't get the opportunity to sit down and catch up, I really do miss that.

Randy Johnson was pitching that day so we were happy. It was a really good game even though the Diamond Backs lost. We had a great day.

After the baseball game that night when I was at home relaxing I received a phone call from a friend asking if I wanted to join her and 4 others to go to the Arizona Cardinal's football pre-season game.
I enjoy football and am a San Francisco 49ers fan. I have never cared for the AZ Cardinals due to the team owners and the fact that they have never been a good team. They had just finished a new stadium a year ago and heard it was really nice so I took the chance to go see it for myself. The price was right too, FREE! Love it.

Well, the Cardinal's lost (not surprised) but had a good time chatting with everyone. Stadium wasn't as spectacular as I had expected but I can now say that I've been there.

So, I believe my attending sporting events have come to an end. Now, it is time for the Olympics to begin. I love watching them but not to the point of taping the events. GO U.S.A.

I have not forgotten... In a previous post I said I was going to post about my home remodel/redo. I didn't forget and will be posting it real soon, stay tuned.

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