Monday, August 4, 2008

a 'cool' weekend

With the temperatures rising here in the Phoenix area (114°F/46°C) it was time to get out of dodge and head for the hills.

A girlfriend moved up to Flagstaff (2 hours North of Phoenix) last year and told me to visit anytime. So, I decided to take her up on that offer to come for a visit and cool off. Flagstaff sits at a cool 7,000 feet above sea level. This meant the temperatures were 20° less then the valley floor.

I left work early on Friday and headed North on I-17. It wasn't long before the desert scrub and cacti were left behind and pine trees were taking its place.

I was born and raised in Northern California (not the Bay Area but the real Northern California) about an hour south of the Oregon border. I'm used to tall trees and driving in the mountain hills. I had forgotten how wonderful it was. Leave the hustle bustle of city life (traffic, noise, cement) and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. I could feel my body as it started to relax.

I forgot how the sky is blanketed with stars at night; when living in a metropolitan area they get washed out. The whooshing sound of the wind as it passes through the tall trees. The smell of fresh air. No traffic.

We barbequed outside and have wonderful dinners, went and saw erupted volcano’s, Indian ruins, bought organic vegetables at the farmer's market, and the arboretum.

Here are some pictures from my weekend.

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

Wupatki Pueblo Ruins

The Arboretum at Flagstaff


Hope you had a great weekend too!!


jerry said...

I enjoyed your pics of Flagstaff - I was there about 10 years ago and loved it.

Diane said...

Wow, Flagstaff is beautiful. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

Ice Tea For Me said...

Jerry - Flagstaff is a nice city. 10 years, it's about time for a return visit don't you think?

Diane - Flagstaff is a nice change of landscape compared to the desert floor.