Wednesday, May 28, 2008

what's cooking wednesday – what’s in the frig pasta

I know you’re probably thinking, doesn’t she ever use a recipe? Well, yes on occasion I do. When I bake I always use a recipe and follow it to a ‘T’ and that still doesn't guarantee it will come out right. I just don’t have that baker’s touch. When I throw together dishes without a recipe it doesn’t always mean it comes out ‘awesome’ either but when you’re cooking for yourself you tend put up with your not so wonderful creations.

So, today’s what’s in the frig (WITF) pasta is simple, open your frig and pull out what needs to be used so you don’t have to throw it out. Don’t be shy try different combinations even if you’re not sure if they’ll go together.

WITF Pasta
-bell pepper (both yellow & green)
-green onions
-sugar peas
-mozzarella balls (cut in half)
-grape tomatoes
-roasted potatoes
-kielbasa sausage

along with:
-olive oil
-white wine
-buccatini pasta (or whatever you have in the cupboard)

Put the pasta water onto boil. In a sauté pan put a little olive oil and add bell peppers, potatoes and kielbasa sausage to get them caramelized. Water should be ready for the pasta. When that’s almost caramelized add the garlic, green onions, and peperocino for a few minutes. Add a little wine to deglaze the pan (I had white open, a light red would also work), let this reduce for a couple of minutes; add the sugar peas and tomatoes. Depending on how much you want your mozzarella melted is when you put it in. A minute before you turn off the stove it will all be melted. If you like the cheese more intact then you put in it in after you turn off the stove. Add the pasta along with some pasta water if needed.

Buon Appetito

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