Tuesday, September 18, 2012

a surprise in july

Over the 4th of July week/weekend a dear friend’s daughter was getting married in Santa Barbara, California so I took the opportunity to stay in the quaint town of Solvang, CA and have a relaxing long weekend. It was heavenly and the weather was perfect while in Arizona it was a sweltering 110+ degrees. Loving it.

Upon arriving home I had a lovely surprise from Erin over at
Postcards from a Small Town, a macaroon cake mix from France. How fun is that!! And how sweet of her to think of me and send it.

I had Erin's name in last December's Season's Eating’s exchange and sent her some diced chili's and chipotle chili's from the sunny Southwest. How thoughtful of Erin to send me this sweet treat. I've yet to make the cake which she graciously translated the directions into English but will do so in November and will post pictures and result on the blog.


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