Thursday, August 13, 2009

a gift that keeps on giving

Several months back on my birthday I received a lovely gift card for Starbuck's. Yes, I love my carmel macchiato's (non-fat, sugar-free, stirred, extra hot) and I like to sip it while working at my desk throughout the morning. I can usually make it last for a while. If it gets cold I just go nuk it. I know I've posted about my 'coffee' before.

What's nice about gift cards is it's a gift that keeps on giving. I still have anther 5 drinks to go on this card which should take me into September. Wahoo!! Thanks Mom & Dad.

In an attempt to cut calories/$$ I would only get my Starbuck's once a week. It would be on Wednesday's as I had a 2-hr. staff meeting in the morning that I'd take it to, a sort of justification that I needed it to 'make it' through that meeting. Yeah, like I needed any justification. Well, the meeting was moved to the afternoon so my justification went out the window. And to be honest the cashier at the one I stop at, Fred, moved with his wife up to Seattle to be closer to family. Bummer, he was a nice guy, a lot older than most of the 20 something's that tend to work there.

I'd still swing by every now and then but it's not on a weekly basis and it's not the same, a lot of new faces.

This leads me to a question:

Did I stop at Starbuck's on a weekly basis to have the coffee or the interaction with Fred?

Readers, do you find yourself frequenting establishments because they remember the drink you like a product they keep in stock for you ~ the personal interaction? Or do you go because of location, price, and convenience?


Q, La, and Gooner said...

I used to work at the Bucks, and when I left for maternity leave I exchanged a LOT of emails with my friends, or customers. Well, I decided to stay home, and I moved and well most of those peeps stopped going. I think your coffee tastes better when it is served by a friend...

Linda of Ice Tea For Me said...

I agree!

Anonymous said...

Your welcome dear daughter. You like your Starbucks as well as I like my International Hazelnut Coffee. Love you Mom

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