Wednesday, November 26, 2008

somewhere over the rainbow

Believe me, I can’t sing and I’m not auditioning for the role of Dorothy in the remake of The Wizard of Oz. No, I’m sorry, it’s a classic and should not be remade.

Today on my way home driving on the freeway in the rain there was the most stunning rainbow that I’ve seen in a very long time. Its colors were so vivid; you could see each layer – blue, green, yellow, red, and purple. Perfetto.

My eyes followed the arch of the rainbow and was surprised to see what seemed like a short distance away was the end of the rainbow. I could have sworn I saw the pot of gold and the funny leprechaun guy. It was perfect.

As I looked at the rainbow I realized I was smiling (remember I was driving on the freeway in traffic) and amazed at the wonders of nature. I thought how just seeing it brightened my mood and I wondered what affects it had on others. There could have been someone who was at the end of their rope and with that one rainbow they decided to make a change. Maybe a parent and child were arguing and with that one rainbow stopped.

Every second of every day around the world small wonders or miracles happen, they usually are never known but to those in that moment. When I see something like a rainbow it makes me stop and appreciate where I am in my life, my family and friends, and how fortunate I am. A moment of reflection.

Do you ever wonder how a rainbow is created? You can find out all about it here.

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