Monday, November 10, 2008

an invader

I’ve always been proud of my yard, green, manicured, kept up. This past year my front yard has struggled as it took some abuse when my house was being remodeled since the cabinet guys, carpenter, and tile layers used it as a staging area. There were some parts of the lawn that I thought might not grow back.

I shouldn’t have worried as Bermuda grass is very hardy and it can be abused and still come back. Everything was going really good when ‘it’ struck. It’s destructive, sneaky, and illusive and is making a mess of my yard.

Here are some clues: it’s a vermin, makes mounds, and likes to eat roots.

Yes, I have a gopher. I’ve listened to many gardening shows to know that it’s almost impossible to get rid of them. The funny part is that my house is land locked; they’re either houses or roads surrounding my house. Since it’s in the front yard it either came through the neighbors yard (no evidence of destruction or mounds of dirt) or traveled under the street which is a good 30-40 feet wide. Can this vermin travel that far? I guess so since there’s no other way it made it to my yard.

I’m praying that it doesn’t make it to my backyard or I’m going do a Caddy Shack and whip out some dynamite.

Any advice from anyone out in the blog sphere?

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