Tuesday, August 26, 2008

roma, italia

I've been lazy and busy, not sure which to use as my excuse for not blogging so you choose one. I know I still owe you a blog on my house makeover (and I promise it's coming), soon my dear readers, soon. You won't be disappointed if I go by the reactions of visitors to my humble abode. Am I whetting your appetite? I really don't mean to tease you.

Here are some photos of Rome on my first trip to Italy in September 2004. I actually journaled on that trip which I'm really glad I did. Having never journaled before I wrote down every thought, feeling, sight, smell, taste, etc. I don't think that is the intent of journaling but it sure takes me back when I read it. My mom graciously typed my journal for me as my vision took a bad turn in 2005 which made reading challenging. The end results was 50+ page Word document. I told you I journaled everything. I will post this in the future, it may turn out to be a month worth of posts since it's so long but there were some funny moments. The movie title 'Lost in Translation' would be the best way to describe it.

I was using my son’s digital camera on this trip and it was okay. The pictures aren't as sharp as they could be but that could be due to the picture taker and not the camera. I've since invested in a digital camera of my own, still doesn't man the pictures are any better. Enjoy a trip the streets of Rome....

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