Friday, May 9, 2008

just in time

For the party I’m having tomorrow night I wanted it to have an Italian theme. Sometimes that easier said then done and I now have a mixture of Italian, Mexican, and miscellaneous. When I was in Italy last year I was having a conversation about liqueurs with an American who lived there. He said his favorite was Averno Amaro liqueur. I had tried to find it before I left Italy but just ran out of time. I thought it would be nice to have for Saturday night so I hopped onto the computer and ordered it online.

Thankfully it arrived before the party.

Of course I did a little taste test (had to make sure it was ok for the guests right?) and it was good. Not as sweet as an amaretto but a nice sipping bitters liqueur.

I took today off to do the last minute shopping, cleaning the house, start the baking process and finishing the yard. I just received confirmation that a friend’s daughter will help me during the party refilling the food, beverages, etc. I'm so glad; maybe I'll relax a little and enjoy the evening. This will be hard for me as I', a control freak.

Here's to the weekend!!


casacaudill said...

I can't be entirely sure because it was a long day & night, but this might be the drink the American waiter served my husband and I at one of the places we stopped in to eat in Rome. We had only meant to grab a bite to eat and maybe a glass of wine and a full meal later, plus a bottle of wine and this digestif and we had had an amazing night in one of the oldest buildings in Rome. Ahhh, the memories. Thank you.

Ice Tea For Me said...

casacaudill - I just love when a picture or a place evokes a wonderful memory. I have so many of these from my trips to Italy.