Sunday, March 30, 2008

it's arrived!!

Well, as some of you may have read in past postings I was soon to be getting a new laptop – HP6910. It has arrived!! I’ve been waiting a long time for this new laptop as my old Thinkpad was just not keeping up. The ole' girl just wasn't what she used to be, she had a good life but it was time to bid farewell. I now have a brand spankin' new HP laptop that is taking some getting used to. The buttons that I didn't have to look at on my keyboard I now feel like I'm in a hunt & peck mode. I went to go hit the escape key the other day in a meeting and accidentally hit the Power button which shut my laptop down. Oops. Thankfully it boot up pretty fast unlike the 5-8 minutes it took my old one. I’m now able to retrieve pictures off my camera’s memory card which is a good thing. No excuse not to post pictures now.

I want to thank Shannon from
Tales From the Fairy Blogmother who started What’s Cooking Wednesday for letting me know that I don’t have to cook on Wednesday's to post under What’s Cooking Wednesday. I can post a recipe that I’ve made that I would like to share with the blogsphere. THANK YOU!! So, I will join the other What’s Cooking Wednesday bloggers. It doesn’t mean you won’t see a Linda Cooked – Wahoo post because maybe I might just whip up something special.

Here's a picture of my furry feline Oreo.

Until then, ciao.

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