Friday, February 15, 2008

so it begins...

After a couple of years of reading blogs from people all over the world I have finally taken the plunge into the blog world. Oh, I have my concerns, will I have time to keep a blog, do I have anything to say, will it be boring?

I was encouraged by Michelle @ bleeding espresso to take the leap, so here I am. Stop by and check out Michelle's web page, you won't be disappointed. Thanks Michelle!!

So what will this blog be about? It will be a little of everything, travel, cooking, recipes, gardening, home remodel etc. What it won’t be is political opinions, music reviews (I prefer talk radio) or perfect grammar.

Thanks for stopping by.

Since the site is not much to look at right now I’ll post a picture to make it a little more interesting. Here is a December sunrise in the sunny South West.


'A Tuscan view.....from Umbria' said...

What a beautiful sunrise for the the beginning of your blog.
Ciao and best wishes from us:)

ice tea for me said...

Thank you for your well wishes.

I'm always amazed when I take a photo and it comes out perfect. I think the colors are awesome.